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The Story of Similkameen, so far, has dealt with the goodly land, the native peoples, the hunt for furs, the search for gold, the discovery and development of coal and copper resources.  That, of course, is not half the story.  What remains to be told must await the preparation of a second volume; but the Princeton Centennial Committee felt that at least part of the story should appear during the Centennial year.  With this in mind, the story to date is issued as volume 1 of the history of Similkameen.  It is hoped that the second volume will not be too long delayed.


            An effort has been made to indicate sources.  Some parts of the story have already appeared elsewhere, and thanks are extended for the use of this material, but in the weekly instalments appearing in “The Similkameen Spotlight,” it was thought unwise to burden the story with acknowledgements and indications of source material.


            The author is grateful for encouragement from many people.  Mrs. H. Allison has supplied photographs of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Allison and other pioneers, to whom this volume is dedicated.


            Brendan Kennelly, who succeeded Charles Nichols as government agent on 16 November, 1953, made freely available to the writer Government mining reports, and other records, without which the story would inevitably have been less complete.  We are grateful to Mr. Kennelly for his unfailing help and courtesy.


            Early in the chapter on coal resources it is noted that Mr. Ernest Waterman was promoted local director in 1909.   Mrs. Waterman has pointed out that this does not make it clear that her husband had been local manager since 1901, and we are happy to include this additional note.  Mrs. Waterman’s brother-in-law had been here since 1898 and left for Vancouver in 1901.


            This Preface would be incomplete without a word of thanks to Laurie Currie who has spared neither time nor effort that the book might be in some measure worthy of its subject.

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